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Shea & Josh’s Wedding

Shea and Josh got married on a scorching hot day in December, and I was lucky enough to be there to capture it for them. The ceremony took place in Carlton Gardens, before the guests made their way over the road to St Andrews Conservatory to continue the celebrations.


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To photograph or not to photograph…

In the tech-heavy climate of today, people often have to be reminded to put their camera (phones) away and be in the moment. These days, it is quite common for people to spend the majority of their time uploading images to Instagram and Snapchatting, Tweeting or FaceBooking their experiences of concerts, festivals, parties, weddings etc., instead of actually just…experiencing them. But what if capturing these moments is what you have been trained to do? What if you love creating a beautiful well-composed depiction of said experience? As a photographer, where do you draw the line?

I have noticed an increasing number of couples opting for an ‘unplugged’ wedding. In case this phrase is new to you, this essentially means that guests are asked to refrain from taking snaps on their phone, and sharing them on social media. This means that guests will actually be present and engaged (and not getting in the way of the professional photographer!). Isn’t it crazy that it has come to this?

Weddings aside, I know that as a photographer (who is constantly subconsciously looking for aesthetically pleasing compositions), I struggle to put my camera down. Consequently, I have been choosing to shoot film at certain social events. I love film photography anyway, but the added bonus is that I only have a limited number of shots I can take! It is too time consuming and expensive to be too trigger-happy, and snap the day away, so I am forced to be involved and present. It is a funny thing though, I sometimes feel I have a duty to capture a moment, because I can do it well. It’s almost like sacrificing the now for the future. Not that it really does feel like a sacrifice, I’m in my element when looking through a viewfinder.

I’d love to hear from other photographers or photography enthusiasts, is this something you can relate to?


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My studio space

I just love designing rooms! I’m not necessarily any good at it, but it so great to have a space to live/work in that represents me, and all the things I love. My bedroom is my idea of a comfortable paradise; lots of colours and textures, candles, artwork on the walls, silk scarves and photographs EVERYWHERE. I think the idea is to trick myself into thinking I am on an exotic holiday when I first open my eyes in the morning. My studio is quite different, until recently it has been a big white room with a small desk. I have just added in a few finishing touches; yes it is still mostly white (purely for functionality), but there is now a handmade sturdy wooden desk, splashes of colours that tie in with my brand, candles, plants… It is really starting to feel like my own now, which is great! I think it’s really important to work in an environment that is inspiring. It’s not the eclectic hippy-inspired rainbow that is my room, but it is the perfect workplace for me, it represents the organised professional version of me. I hope that translates, and that my clients feel comfortable and at home here too.

Next on the list is to invest in a decent coffee machine.. Definitely a necessity.




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My late night foray into the world of blogging

…Is this how I blog? I definitely no writer, but lately I’m finding that I want to share more of my images, inspiration and silly stories from my life as a photographer. I’ve had to bite the bullet, I’m a blogger now. I have great plans for this blog, I hope that I can deliver. Apart from an abundance of images of sweet little babies, their lovely/loving families, inseparable couples and cheeky children, I want to be able to share some photography tips and tricks, as I know so many people have an interest in photography these days. I can obviously understand why, there is something really incredible about being able to capture a moment to look back on forever. It’s definitely not all expensive cameras and equipment that makes a great shot, in fact I would argue that it is far more important to get the hang of how to use light to your advantage, to get the right angle, to crop effectively and to see the moment. It’s all about that moment, and that is why people are drawn to candid photographs, they are natural and there is a more emotional connection. This blog will be where I share my photography, and therefore ‘my world’ with you.Emily xx

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