I just love designing rooms! I’m not necessarily any good at it, but it so great to have a space to live/work in that represents me, and all the things I love. My bedroom is my idea of a comfortable paradise; lots of colours and textures, candles, artwork on the walls, silk scarves and photographs EVERYWHERE. I think the idea is to trick myself into thinking I am on an exotic holiday when I first open my eyes in the morning. My studio is quite different, until recently it has been a big white room with a small desk. I have just added in a few finishing touches; yes it is still mostly white (purely for functionality), but there is now a handmade sturdy wooden desk, splashes of colours that tie in with my brand, candles, plants… It is really starting to feel like my own now, which is great! I think it’s really important to work in an environment that is inspiring. It’s not the eclectic hippy-inspired rainbow that is my room, but it is the perfect workplace for me, it represents the organised professional version of me. I hope that translates, and that my clients feel comfortable and at home here too.

Next on the list is to invest in a decent coffee machine.. Definitely a necessity.