…Is this how I blog? I definitely no writer, but lately I’m finding that I want to share more of my images, inspiration and silly stories from my life as a photographer. I’ve had to bite the bullet, I’m a blogger now. I have great plans for this blog, I hope that I can deliver. Apart from an abundance of images of sweet little babies, their lovely/loving families, inseparable couples and cheeky children, I want to be able to share some photography tips and tricks, as I know so many people have an interest in photography these days. I can obviously understand why, there is something really incredible about being able to capture a moment to look back on forever. It’s definitely not all expensive cameras and equipment that makes a great shot, in fact I would argue that it is far more important to get the hang of how to use light to your advantage, to get the right angle, to crop effectively and to see the moment. It’s all about that moment, and that is why people are drawn to candid photographs, they are natural and there is a more emotional connection. This blog will be where I share my photography, and therefore ‘my world’ with you.Emily xx